Director of Resources and Business Change

Salary: £123,955 - £132,654

Our new director will have a wide-ranging remit including leading on and delivering the change programme which will involve organisational development to build on our strengths whilst increasing our agility and pace. Responsibility will extend to the digital agenda plus a range of diverse services including finance, legal, HR, ICT and communications. There will also be a focus on the commercial aims of the council which will include both property and Integra – the council’s trading arm. You will also play a key part in our role as a partner within the Combined Authority.

South Gloucestershire Council is a successful and well-led unitary authority with mainly above average performance and good levels of resident satisfaction. The council was described in a recent peer review by the Local Government Association as well led with strong, political and managerial leadership and a track record for delivering its priorities. It has excellent member/officer relationships with a ‘can do’ attitude.

The council is a high growth area with generally low levels of deprivation, but with this growth comes a continuing challenge to ensure infrastructure keeps pace with development. Its strong yet differing communities are a mix of long-established urban communities, vibrant market towns, small villages and substantial new development. They have individual needs and aspirations and the diversity of its landscapes and neighbourhoods contribute to a high quality of life.

We are looking for your ability to lead wide ranging and varied teams, building confidence and capabilities, resulting in improved outcomes. Commercial and financial acumen will be essential, together with strong organisation development and partnership skills, and an innovative eye – especially in the use of digital applications. You will have the behavioural attributes to work within a team, whilst always looking to constructively challenge – to improve, but also have the influencing and communications skills to lead and work effectively both inside and outside of the organisation.


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